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30-Day Challenge: Conscious Living Career

Angela Loeb

What is a "Conscious Living Career"?

It's means you're choosing and doing work that is in alignment with your authentic self.

If you're not spending your working hours feeing vibrant and energized, then no matter how many attempts

you make in other areas, such as conscious mediation, conscious yoga, conscious eating, etc., you won’t be fully engaged in a conscious living journey. That’s because a large part of your time will have been spent out of integrity with your conscious living commitment.

But when you’re aligned with your right work, you are not only personally happy, but your joy spreads and affects others in the world around you.

How do I know this? Because my own conscious living journey started in my early teens when I became deeply curious about what it means to live with purpose and meaning. I've personally used everything I'm giving you in this 30-day challenge. Rising above career adversity and dissatisfaction is something I've experienced firsthand, and it's also all been field tested in the work I've been doing to support professionals on the threshold of career decision and transition for the past 25+ years.


Every day, you'll get an email directing you to watch a video or do an exercise. To be specific, on days one and two, you'll watch videos, and on day three, you'll get an exercise designed to make the information in that module more interactive and to help you process the concepts at a more personal level. 

As you can tell by the module titles, this program is not a how-to on resume writing or interview skills -- that's the kind of information I've included in my books, articles, and other career-related programs (at 

This 30-day challenge is meant to supplement your career transition efforts and inspire you along the way. You'll see how to:

  • Release and reframe the dissatisfaction from your past or current career situation.
  • Use the practice of gratitude to your advantage.
  • Gain clarity about your wants and needs in regard to success.
  • Quickly assess your own uniqueness.
  • Think creatively about your options for doing meaningful work in the world.
  • Build support for yourself during your career transition & the path ahead.
  • Get some easy-to-use tools to access your inner wisdom and set your vision into motion.

Are you ready to turn your career journey into a conscious living journey? 

If so, then treat yourself! Start today! Take the 30-day challenge and join the rest of us who agree with and live daily these words by the poet Kahlil Gibran: “When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music.” 

NOTE: References are made to various spiritual traditions throughout this program because it is recognized that many spiritual roads lead to Divine Truth. No one particular religion or philosophy is preferred or recommended.


"Puts things back into perspective and helps you remember that you have permission to chase dreams. Its about being real to yourself and knowing what you want to do in this world in a spiritual way- and whether or not you're getting paid for it. Thank you Angela!"

"Helped me to understand my purpose and direction. Inspiring and encouraging as well clear to understand and to connect to and apply to my life. Thank you!"

"Very Enlightening, & fun."

"I've read through a lot of career advice out there... although I'm familiar with much of what Angela was saying, I appreciated the way she packaged it and encouraged me to consider it in a new light. The exercises were useful and quick to complete, and I believe they will help me on my journey."

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Turn your career journey into a conscious living journey!

Module 1
The Dark Night
Module 2
Get Closer To The Divine
Module 3
The Definition Of Your Success
Module 4
The Search For Identity
Module 5
The Search For Meaning & Purpose
Module 6
Access Your Inner Wisdom
Module 7
Faith & Synchronicity
Module 8
Get A Walking Partner
Module 9
A Distant Object
Module 10
Your Career Journey

30-Day Challenge: Conscious Living Career

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