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Interviews That Work (video program)

Angela Loeb

Ready to increase your confidence and start nailing your job interviews? 

Interviewing well is THE most important thing you can do in your job search. So much hinges on your getting it right!

In less than an hour, this 4-part video program will give the insider tips and techniques you need to succeed. You'll find out how to…

  • Prepare ahead of time before the interview.

  • Understand what the interviewer is looking for (overall and specifically).

  • Use the job description to anticipate questions (with an example).

  • Project yourself professionally and with confidence.

  • Learn great techniques and methodologies for answering questions.

  • Get tips on how to answer what many consider to be the 2 most challenging questions.

  • Find out the #1 best question to ask during the interview.

My Creds (in case you're wondering): In addition to working with resumes, interviewing is another key area where I have the deepest expertise. I've been helping both job seekers and hiring managers improve their interviewing skills for 25+ years through presentations, workshops, and one-on-one prep sessions. I've been involved in all aspects of the interview process, most notably as a professional third-party recruiter for nearly 15 years earlier in my career. And I'll let you in on a little secret... Even though I'm no longer a recruiter, I still enjoy interviewing so much that I do occasional applicant phone screening projects on the side. 

Here are some comments and feedback that sum up my approach better than I could myself...

"Every piece of information and advice Angela gave me was incredibly helpful and definitely got me out of my job search rut... Angela is the ultimate expert at what she does."

"Angela is thoughtful, honest and excellent at helping job seekers put the job search and what they have to offer into perspective."

"Participants consistently share that Angela's trainings provide them with much needed personal reflection time, real tips for resume writing and interviewing, and the boost of confidence they need to tackle each step of the job search process. I highly recommend Angela as a speaker or trainer for any organization!"

"It was fantastic working with Angela! My resume was outdated in content as well as format. She brought it into the 21st Century. Her advice on my resume, along with also helping me brush up on my rusty interview skills, helped me get offers and interviews within a week of starting my search. She made a significant difference. If you even think you may need some brushing-up, Angela is the person to call. Outstanding."

"Angela is a skilled coach and a great professional. She is very experienced in the human resources industry and is always willing to share her knowledge with a passion and a smile."

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4 videos + 1 document | Total running time: 48:15

Module 1
Overview of What to Consider (the employer’s point of view; self assessing prep work)
Module 2
Analyzing the Position (understand and use the job description to anticipate questions)
Module 3
Physical Presence and Mindset (confidence building tips and more)
Module 4
Questions (what to ask; techniques and methodologies for answering questions)

Interviews That Work (video program)

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