Discover Your Purpose


Do any of these statements describe you?

  • You feel a lack of meaning in your career or life in general.

  • You struggle to see what is unique about yourself, or you struggle to find the words to describe it.

  • You know your direction and your purpose are tied together, but it's not quite clear how yet.

  • You feel like you're all over the place, and you want to make decisions that align well with who you really are.

  • You want to make the difference you know you’re meant to be making, and you need a good place to start.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then it’s no accident you’re here reading this right now. The time must be right for you. You have something to do here on planet Earth, and it’s time to get on with it!


In this program, you'll learn the 3-part “Personal Polaris” formula to discover your life's purpose and how to put it into a succinct statement so you can use it to make professional and personal decisions that are in sync with who you really are.

The material is taken right out of my book, The Day You Find Out Why (available on Amazon) and is based on my own experiences, as well as those of my clients and program participants. You’ll get two fillable PDF worksheets to download, and each section of the worksheet is explained with examples in the videos.

Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Discover your Personal Polaris – learn the 3 components of the Personal Polaris formula and how to use these components to uncover your purpose.

  • State your Personal Polaris – learn how to craft your own Personal Polaris statement (in one sentence) that succinctly describes your uniqueness and purpose.


For nearly three decades, I’ve been honored to support my clients’ journeys with tools like this Personal Polaris process. Some simply appreciate having a deeper understanding of who they really are. Others have used what they’ve learned about themselves to make career decisions that allow them to put their purpose into action and consciously use their talents to make a difference.

Below is a sampling of how some clients (names have been changed) put their purpose into action in their careers:

  • Based on what she learned about herself, Ellen decided to leave the computer industry and got what she called a “fun, fun, fun!” job as a concierge at a hotel.

  • Keith decided that his strong sense of curiosity and wide variety of interests combined with his background in research and training as a statistician would help him make a big difference in the education sector.

  • Danielle looked at her human resources career with fresh eyes. She decided to lean into her uniqueness by taking on more employee relations issues and capitalizing on how well she mediated fair outcomes.

  • Susan used what she learned to land a promotion at work. Being able to describe her unique value bolstered her confidence and made her more articulate during her interviews with key decision makers at her company.

So, what about you? Are you ready to clarify your uniqueness and your purpose and put it into action? If so, then let's begin!


"I’ve been through a lot of personal development programs over the years, and this one ranks at the top of my list. I pushed through some barriers I didn’t even know I had. This experience had such a bigger impact on me than I expected. I have much more clarity about the steps I need to take to fully realize my potential. Run – do NOT walk and sign up now to begin the process of discovering what you are meant to do!"

"Angela’s Personal Polaris program was great! I loved that it was both highly systematic, making my left brain happy, yet the way she did it was very creative and intuitive, making my right brain happy. The result was me finding words that sum up what I’m here to do and how I do it — quite an exciting find!"

"Angela is wonderful and inspiring to work with. I am very thankful to her and the Polaris process that she has developed. I thought I knew myself well, so what a surprise that we were able to uncover some truly valuable insights that I probably never would have realized on my own. I know the clarity that I have gained will greatly benefit my decision-making in many areas for the future."

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5 videos; 2 worksheets | Total running time: 46:56

MP4 and PDF
Module 1
Introduction Video
Module 2
Discover Your Personal Polaris Worksheet
Module 3
Discover Your Personal Polaris Pt 1 Video (Your Principal Theme)
Module 4
Discover Your Personal Polaris Pt 2 Video (Your Principal Method)
Module 5
Discover Your Personal Polaris Pt 3 Video (Your Principal Gift)
Module 6
State Your Personal Polaris Worksheet
Module 7
State Your Personal Polaris Video

Discover Your Purpose

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