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Side Income: What you need to know before you join the gig economy (video program)

Angela Loeb

If you're here reading this, there's a good chance you get it. 

You get that having financial freedom and control over your career destiny doesn't usually happen in a day and that the path forward can begin with a side gig.

And we're not necessarily talking about taking a part time job on the side, are we? There are many ways to earn side income these days and many reasons for doing it.

Your curiosity led you here. Maybe you haven't joined the growing gig economy yet, and you're thinking you'd like to do it. Maybe you have, and you'd like to get some ideas and inspiration from my perspective.

What You'll Find In This Program

This program is an overview of the topic. It's an introduction, if you will, meant to open your mind to possibilities. You'll hear about real side gig examples as we touch on:

  • 4 common reasons why you might want to do it in the first place

  • 6 types of side gigs you could do (besides a part time job)

  • Some of the main pros and cons

  • 6 major mistakes to avoid

My Perspective: Not only have I helped clients create career plans to include side income, I started freelancing on the side while still a full time employee long before I stepped out on my own as a self-employed career consultant/coach and resume writer. And to this day I “walk the talk.” Even though my side gig became my main gig years ago, I still do side gigs to ensure multiple streams of income in my career. My perspective is personal as well as professional since I've spent 25+ years helping people make career decisions. I'm happy to pass along to you what I've learned!

Here are some comments from programs I've delivered that will sum up my approach better than I could myself...

“Warm, captivating & inspiring.”

“Wonderful!! Lots of useful info. Excellent presentation skills.”

“More inspirational than I was expecting.”

“Angela was very knowledgeable and able to communicate the subject in an easy way. Practical advice too.”

“Good info. I liked how the personal stories reinforced/made clear the concepts/tools.”

"Angela is the ultimate expert at what she does."

"Angela is exceptionally talented at coaching all facets of career development... Her approach is holistic - everything leads towards an optimal, longterm career plan for achieving both personal and professional goals. A veritable encyclopedia of valuable resources, Angela really is the complete package!"

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4 videos | Total running time: 37:11

Module 1
Why Do It?
Module 2
Main Types of Side Gigs
Module 3
Pros & Cons
Module 4
Major Mistakes to Avoid

Side Income: What you need to know before you join the gig economy (video program)

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